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Come Home
Dear hearts. All of the Consciousness work that we have been doing, some of us for decades, has been preparing us for this moment. There is no end to the inflaming posts and concerning articles and tweets and comments...there will never ever be a moment where you can catch up to them, answer all of them or feel resolved in your own mind about them. The fearful voice is always the loudest. There is no end to fear unless we put an end to it ourselves in our own mind. Step back. Come home to your inner core. Be Discerning about how much you can handle. Yes, be awake, alert and responsible as a world citizen. But remember to be discerning. Discernment arises from a calm, neutral inner landscape. We are no good to anyone if we are off center. If you allow the outer world to pull you View Full Post
Triggered: PTSD and the Current Political Environment
Readers of my blog and books know that I was diagnosed with PTSD in 1990 and have been in recovery and active healing since that time. Looking back to all those years ago when I began the journey to seek joy and love, I had no idea that I would be supporting others in their PTSD journey nor did I know the blessings that I would encounter in my life as a result of my healing service. My story is one of victory.  I lead a full and engaging life, and since 1998 I am able to be with people who seek healing but are not recovered from their unique traumas, and hold the space while sharing my medicine with allowing, non-judgment, and kindness. Recently, I have observed that we seem to be having a harder time than usual...and it correlates with the political situation that we're encountering in my View Full Post
Consciousness, Light and Butter (or, How We are Poised to Create  the New World Right NOW)
Hello Sweet peeps. What a time it's been watching 2016 crawl to a close. So much loss, and yet so much to he grateful for. These last few days of the year I am truly trying to stand in honor of this bizarre year as the great teacher and revealer that it was. I wanted to share with you some thoughts in the last couple of weeks that has given me a lot of Hope. Some of what I'm about to say won't resonate or even make sense to some of you. But I hope that you will look below the words or the need for logical understanding to feel the the love and intention with which I offer it. We are in a window of Light right now. I am accustomed to being sensitive to light, both physical light (of the sun, bright lamps etc.) and Greater Consciousness Light. View Full Post
Collective Pain and Ancestral Healing ~ Our Pain is Our Prize
Recent events in my country have brought me back to an important remembrance: Pain is a great motivator. Every time I've experienced intense pain I've awakened to important realizations. You may have heard that "Pain is a message", as a reference to being guided by pain to know what we need to heal.  I have an important question to ask you. How will you USE your pain? This question may surprise you in this pain-denying, death-defying culture.  There are lots of pop- "spiritual" do-gooders who say we shouldn't dwell in conversation about pain.  There are even some who say we shouldn't even allow ourselves to feel it!  We're trained to RUN from pain, to bury it, suppress it, pretend it isn't there.  Let's think positive and maybe it will all go away.... But wait....what if our pain is the key to who we truly are, at a SOUL and View Full Post

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