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Lots of Letting Go
We are in the perfect Divine Timing to let go of what no longer is true for us. If you've been feeling it lately, we are in some Very Big Energy Patterns that are designed to help us loose the baggage and free us to move through the next portal of our evolution.  I've made a series of videos explaining what is happening from a science+spirit perspective, and how you can cooperate with the Big Shift. See the Big Energy Videos here on my Facebook page free! AND, I've also created a new eCourse, The SECRETS of DIVINE TIMING, a 3-part podcast course that takes you through the miracle of working with the FLOW. The Universe is actually conspiring toward your greatest fulfillment, and I can prove it!  Learn how to cooperate with your greatest JOY!  Get it NOW for HALF OFF!  Just 17.97 this season to support you in View Full Post
We Are the Land: Meeting Ourselves in the Memory of the Earth
My readers know that I am a voracious traveler.  My first sentence according to my birth mother was "I wanna go on a TRIP."  For as long as I remember riding in a car, I've loved the road. As I became autonomous and could drive, I'd take little road trips, just driving around Atlanta where I grew up as a teen.  Even sneaking out at night, I wasn't going to parties or hanging out with friends...I was driving. Something about being behind the wheel and exploring just made me feel right. As a woman, I've taken many solo trips all over this continent.  (I've also had the insane gall to take my young children (they were ages 4 and 7 at the time) on a cross country camping trip for several weeks, and it was freakin' AWESOME, but that's another story.)   I love to drive, I love the movement View Full Post
You feel the Big Energy right now, right? It's the BIG WAVE that we've all been preparing for! In my private client work, I have the privilege of assisting women all over the world to RIDE this wave to their self-actualization! But you don't have to be my private client to take advantage of this incredible energy right now...I invite you to be part of this teleclass to learn how to work with THE BIG ONE! I hope that every one of you will be there! (PLEASE SHARE...I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW HOW TO WORK WITH THIS AMAZING ENERGY WINDOW!) There is no accident that the DIVINE TIMING teleclass is happening in 2 weeks...there is BIG ENERGY right now (HAVE YOU NOTICED?) and a NEW BEGINNING coming in September! Be ready to ride YOUR WAVE! REGISTER NOW - EARLY BIRD just $34 UNTIL AUGUST 10, 2015 REGULAR PRICE $69 (all View Full Post
Tribute to A Fallen Sister
Shamanism is a way of talking about old medicine; medicine as old as our hearts. I recently learned that a woman who attended one of my classes (we became friendly) died in suicidal circumstances.  Substance abuse played a role in her life, as well as through her life partner and with some of the people she chose to be with.  When I met her 5 years ago, she was reaching out to a different reality, trying to create something positive and good for herself and her two young daughters.  She was a bright star, tall and strong and powerful.  She was determined to succeed in business (and did amazing things in record time), and had a good and kind heart.  As for my part, I felt the old medicine in her, and saw her as a warrior.  So it was more than her being a student or our being friends; View Full Post

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