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My internal voices (including The Critic) have been putting their opinions in for my consideration regarding my pilgrimage in Europe this summer; I've been hearing "You're so selfish" most recently as an argument for cancelling the whole idea. I know from years of practicing Inner Tribe (tm) work (a psycho-shamanic healing technique I developed in 2007, based in a mother's love, and which I introduce to the general public in my book I Am Her Daughter) that we are made of many tribe members, parts of self that are vocal in our daily lives; sub-personalities are a reality for all of us, a necessity in a world that does not approve of us holistically and wholly.  These parts of self function as an inner government, reminding us what we must do to fit in or please others or gain approval or be loved.  It goes back to our childhoods, of course. View Full Post
Shoring (or, How Identity Props Us Up)
The Invisible Path of my Pilgrimage 2016 is coming into vague view, in glimpses, through the fog.  I am beginning to see the first steps of the journey.  I am also beginning to see some points along the route. You might ask, "What is she talking about? Why doesn't she just decide where she will go and be done with it?"  And that would be a very good question.  A very logical question. Because, alas...I'm an Explorer.  I'm a Discoverer.  As a (mostly) right-brainer, I know there is a bigger meaning and I trust the process.  I am into the revealing and the AHA.  I like not knowing and then knowing.  The Cosmic Game of Peek-a-Boo. (It looks like) I will be starting in Paris, the site of cultural and spiritual experiences I must undergo; as Paris is the City of Love, I've invited my Beloved to go with me View Full Post
The Invisible Path
I'm going into the Unknown, releasing the "motherhood" part of my life.  Who am I becoming?  I can only learn who I am becoming by walking forward onto the invisible path before me.  Magically, the next step appears as I step out with my foot...with the fervent hope it will meet solid ground. https://youtu.be/BgyrJGE9cIg View Full Post
The Spirit of Initiation
Pilgrimage to Myself (or, Who Am I Becoming?) Do I have something to tell you. Ok, the groundwork first…I’m in Life Transition; I have reached the midlife-peri-menopausal-empty-nester-phase of a woman’s life.  What a ride, hang-on-to-your-butt rocky at times.  Billions of other women have undergone it before me, and yet here I am making this journey, as must be done with all important life passages, alone. Women so often live a life of service, and like so many women I have defined myself through my relationship to others.  Think about it…we say we are mothers, we are wives, we are public servants…it always seems to be about how we support other people, doesn’t it? It has been my life’s mission to be a good mother, one I started preparing for around age 5.  From rigorous self-examination and processing of my own life history to heal View Full Post

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