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Shape Shifting…Changing my Path
I'm having a BIG SUMMER. My youngest son is leaving home.  The beautiful boy whom we've raised and coddled is departing the nest and testing out his wings.  Interestingly, I feel different than when my first child left home; I felt grief and trepidation mixed in with my celebration for him , and it turns out there was good reason for me to worry.  I feel different this time...happy and excited for my youngest...and curious for ME. Who will I be when I'm not MOM in every moment of every day?  Who am I? There are solid reasons to ask these questions...I've been preparing to be a mother since I was 7 years old, when I started carefully recording the flaws in my experience of childhood and began creating the Most Conscious Mother in the Universe persona.  "When I have children, I'll be the best mother in the world," View Full Post
The Entry Point
How often have you said, "When I'm ready..." in answer to an opportunity to grow? How often have you judged yourself as incomplete, unworthy, "not enough" to reach for what could have been your next great leap? But how perfect will we ever be?  Right now, right here....this is where we start. We will never achieve a "perfect place" from which to launch our dreams.  As with all things in Nature, we are constantly becoming.  Yes, there is right timing, but we always have to start where we are to become anything new.  We must step into the unknown to realize our vision.  Who, or what will you become if you keep waiting until you "are ready?" Step out.  Step up.  The world is waiting. I've designed The Frontier Inside eCourse just for you to be your travel guide in the pilgrimage to your True Self.  Discover who you View Full Post
Leading by Being (because all Doing arises from our BEING)
*REGISTER BELOW* ARE YOU A WOMAN WITH A VISION OF A BETTER WORLD? As Gloria Steinem said to me, "Who better but YOU" to bring it FORWARD? LEADING BY BEING Women's Leadership TeleClass and TeleGroup "The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind--creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers, and meaning makers." -Daniel Pink LEADING BY BEING Women’s Leadership Teleclass and Telegroup is a 4-month program designed to assist women to become a voice in the world! Re-inspired by the week I spent with extraordinary women leaders Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker, and Dr. Chung Hyun Kyung in October 2014 and based on my Women’s Leadership curriculum. http://liciaberry.com/2014/12/03/broken-open/ Tested and taught since 2009, this Whole Brain leadership program will call forward your innate gifts of feminine knowing and masculine will, united for expressing your unique purpose! #LeadingbyBeing ARE YOU READY FOR View Full Post
Embracing the Dark Self (or, there’s no such thing as an evil baby)
I had an interesting experience this morning as I was preparing to write for my latest book, I Am My Own Daughter  (publishing this year) about self-mentorship. My morning ritual is to meditate before writing in order to face any obstacles that might come up and clear the path so that I am fully available to write.  Being a conduit and keeping the flow open for the creative voice seems to bring forward the debris that threatens any creative project.  The internal dialogue of "the peanut gallery" (or parts of self, what I call the Inner Tribe), who would often prefer to remain small, can drown out the true fluid voice and wreck the project, derailing even the best endeavor. This morning my higher voice, what I call The Big Self (and what I deem the "divine self" or the intelligence that is bigger than my egoic consciousness) said, "Embrace View Full Post

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