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A Good Life, a Good Death
I returned from Tucson Arizona last week; it was a trip to see my adoptive parents, to make plans about an exciting east/west business venture, and to attend the End of Life Conference.  It was an eventful nine days packed with insights and AHAs. Among them was an awareness from the End of Life Conference that our culture is “death denying and death defying”, and that we attempt to control the natural process of death like we try to control the natural process of birth.  Interesting…we also control the bodies of women and oppress the feminine. No coincidence, of course.  The mysteries of birth, death, life and nature are inherently understood by the feminine principle, and in the bodies of women which live these mysteries on a regular basis.  The Great Mystery of All Things is accessed by women and men who are open to the other worlds View Full Post
Higher Love
In 1986, I met my life partner during a pivotal moment of choice. I was headed out of this world.  I was 21 years of age, struggling to make good while attending university full time and working several jobs to pay my way.  My life skills consisted of studying hard to make good grades, people pleasing, and knowing alcohol was how to feel like a normal person. I went dancing a couple of nights a week at an Atlanta club; I loved flailing around for hours on the dance floor...it was a tremendous release for me.  Observers used to say in admiring tones that I "danced angry".  My alcohol consumption was completely dependent on other people buying me drinks (because I couldn't afford to even eat at this stage of my life.)  When I drank, I felt better.  I loosened up and let go. My pain was palpable; I was View Full Post
Joy after Sexual Violence -It’s in the Hips
One of my areas of expertise is assisting women survivors of sexual violence to reclaim their true power.  I support this through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual processes to mend what's been torn and facilitate the weaving of the whole being. It is very common for a survivor to "hold" energy in their gluts and hips, blocking the flow of energy through what I call THE major "Generating Center" (otherwise known as the 2nd chakra in some circles). The open flow of energy through our Generating Center is a huge KEY to our fulfillment, joy, and abundance. I practice yoga therapy poses specifically designed to open the hips as a physical support.  I also utilize emotional release techniques to clear the chemicals from the cells that typically are held after a body experiences trauma. The sacrum is the central bone of the pelvis, running from the waistline in back to View Full Post
The Body of a Woman
I shared a post on my Facebook page yesterday about a woman (a celebrity) who claims to have been sexually abused as a child. She says that she was “with” a 26-year old man when she was 14 years of age, and "wanted the relationship” at the time, but now realizes she was being sexually abused. She is right. As I stated on the post I shared, “For the record: Hebephilia is the strong and persistent adult sexual interest in pubescent (early adolescent) individuals, typically ages 11–14 (see the Tanner stage). It differs from ephebophilia, which is the strong and persistent sexual interest to those in later adolescence, approximately 15–19 years old, and differs from pedophilia, which is the primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hebephilia” The responses on my page to the post were an eye-opener.  While the majority of responses were from supportive voices View Full Post

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