Athena’s Alliance

Are you part of Athena’s Alliance, the Movement to Reclaim the Sacredness of Women?

Athena’s Alliance is a name given by Licia Berry to the women who seek their True Power in a world that seeks to oppress it.  This alliance is part of a movement, and is one of Light, consciousness, and the Aquarian model.  Women who seek to change the world aligned in the Aquarian dynamic of partnership, balance and respect for All Creation will be attracted to the library of work created by Licia Berry, which contains multiple offerings designed to empower human divinity.  The courses and books in The Athena’s Alliance Library are designed to support women in reclaiming their equality as sacred.

The offerings in The Athena’s Alliance Library include The Frontier Inside curriculum, The Empowered Human curriculum, The Aquarian Gospels training, and multiple books, including Soul Compost: Transforming Adversity into Spiritual Growth, I Am Her Daughter: Reconnecting with the Archetypal Mother, Sacred Systems: The Aquarian Model in Partnership and Blue Eyed Indian: Reclaiming Home. 

Athena’s Alliance includes a Mentorship Program designed to support a community of women who empower themselves to live an Aquarian model of respect, partnership, and self-responsibility in All Creation.  Licia Berry accepts a limited number of women each year under her wing to personally mentor and instruct in the discipline of self-mastery.

For women who seek to know themselves and to express their True Power, this is a graduate-level Mentorship Program.

Prerequisite: completion of the PEMS (Personal Energy Mechanics System) Series.  Other pertinent library offerings may be suggested before acceptance as a Mentee for maximum benefit.

If you have met the Prerequisite, you may apply for the Athena’s Alliance Mentorship Program here.

Who is Athena?

Goddess of war and peace, wisdom and ethics, Athena is an inventor and artisan, the Goddess of order and bringer of civilization. Though a war Goddess, She participates only to defend right order and to bring justice.
Athena face

Women’s Advocate

Logo for 1 Billion Rising RevolutionLicia is an established advocate for women, young children, and men who love and support women; the LGBTQ community, the earth, restorative justice, native american, and other indigenous people to name a few.  Her efforts to make the world a safe place for ALL people began with her work to heal her own life from violence encountered throughout her child and young adulthood.  From a place of healed leadership, Licia has been able to affect change and serve the world through her writing, teaching, speaking, consulting and organizing expertise.

Licia’s advocacy work includes leading women’s circles and retreats, working with organizations that support women and girls through mentoring and education, and teaching for Peace Jam, an organization that puts young people into close contact with Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Licia organized the Tallahassee One Billion Rising event in 2013, a four day love-fest to raise awareness and demand an end to violence against women.


Awareness campaign demands an end to violence against women, Tallahassee Democrat – Guest column by Licia Berry

Perspectives: Violence Against Women
From left: Sarah Sturges, Tom Flanigan, Licia Berry

Perspectives: Violence Against Women; WFSU NPR, Interview with Licia Berry and Oasis Center for Women and Girls Counselor Sarah Sturges
Listen below…

Tallahassee One Billion Rising event
Kleman Plaza turned into Tallahassee’s central location for the One Billion Rising Valentine’s Day event

Kleman Plaza Midday Dance for Women, WCTV

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