E-courses and Teleclasses

Faces of Her – Exploring the Sacred Feminine eCourse

It’s time to embrace and embody the wise woman within.  This eCourse inspires, educates, and guides you to get connected with your heart, allowing the sacred feminine to lead in who you are and all you do.

Over the course of 3 sessions, we will explore:

  • The Light/Solar Mother & Dark/Lunar Mother and how these universal energies show up in our lives
  • How to get in touch with & recognize the Sacred Feminine inside
  • Awakening exercises that tap into the richness of our lives, helping us to experience more magic and feel more alive
  • Why the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine is essential to our continuation as a species

Healing the Inner Masculine eCourse

Many of us have become aware that the Sacred Feminine is stirring within us, and we are seeing the world changing as a result. But did you know that there is also a call to the Divine Masculine principle within us?  The universe is comprised of both feminine and masculine energies; this polarity is necessary in all physical creation.  In each one of us, there is also this polarity.  Sometimes, we grow to favor one polarity over another due to our upbringing or culture.  We may become very adept at operating within one polarity, while the other becomes imbalanced.

For example:

Many of us who have studied spirituality, inner growth and consciousness have grown our inner feminine—we can understand connectivity, love, and relating to others. We are creative, thoughtful, inspired, and have many ideas about how to serve the world. But have you noticed that with all the wisdom you have gained you are ineffective in putting it into action?  Do you lack discipline, structure, boundaries?

Action is one of the 8 Masculine Principles we will discuss in this course. Learn how your inner masculine may be needing some support with the strength of the inner feminine that you have already achieved.

The truest essence of the Divine Masculine, like the Sacred Feminine, has been deep in the human psyche, hidden from our world for many thousands of years. This has created great imbalance. All life on our beloved planet is calling for the balance to be restored

Each of us carries the seed of the Sacred Feminine and the Divine Masculine within us from the moment of our individuation from our Source.  Whether physically male or female, we ALL benefit greatly from healing and raising up our inner masculine.

This course is designed to assist in freeing ourselves from unsupportive internalized understanding of masculine energy in order to discover the true essence of the Divine Masculine within.

This course focuses on:

  • Learning the qualities of masculine and feminine energy in order to identify the ways you can embody them in your daily life.
  • Embodying the Sacred Feminine within in order to magnetically attract and be the womb-space for the inner masculine in his evolution into the Divine Masculine
  • Discovering and healing unsupportive conditioning about the masculine principle by bringing the true Divine Masculine forward in us.
  • Creating the framework for continued blissful, equal partnership of the Sacred Feminine and the Divine Masculine within

It is time to honor our inner Goddess as well as our inner God, bring them into union and partnership, and live a life of ease and grace as they reign.

Spirit Collage

Sacred Union- Embodying the Aquarian Dynamic

in our life, our relationships, and in our world

A sustainable model of partnership between the two elemental forces of the physical universe, the Yin and the Yang.  This is the new paradigm…within and without!  This course is based on the material from Licia’s forthcoming book, “Sacred Union- Embodying the Aquarian Dynamic“, a body of information that was given to her in 2010.

Example of a Custom CollageCreative Vision Quest!

A TeleCircle for Visionary Women!  Art, journey, life, transformation.

You have the answers inside of you.

Every Woman Needs a Vision.  And Every Woman is a Visionary.  Women naturally access the right brain, valuing the input of the brain hemisphere that gets the Big Picture.  Life is art, and we are its creators.  Join us as we follow the path of our inner labyrinth into our center, discovering the treasure of vision and bringing it outward into our lives.

Join Licia, a veteran Vision Questor, for a unique, hands-on experience for women in which you build your vision for your next cycle.  In 8 telecalls, you will discover meaning and magic in your life through creative activities that reveal your True Self.

8 weekly teleclasses with art journaling, ritual, and archetype prompts to vision your new year and get it off to a loving, raucus start.  Creative assignments sent by email before and after each call; live calls will be recorded and sent to participants (so, no worries if you miss one-but you won’t want to miss any of these luscious calls.)

A delicious journey inward that spirals outward and inward again.

Begins on the Lunar New Year every year and continues for a total of 8 weeks.  $175

A Journey Begins with the First Step by Licia BerryOne-on-one Vision Quest Retreats with Licia Berry

Are you ready to go deeper, to live full-on?  This is going to change your life!

I will meet you in the location of your choice and facilitate your creative, spiritual and transformative solo vision quest/retreat.

 Choices of facilitated activities (feel free to add if you don’t see something here you are interested in):

  • Creative time: collage, writing, art making
  • Spirit time: meditation, ceremony, ritual, initiation
  • Energy Medicine time: periodic energy check ins and or sessions with me during the four days utilizing any of my work, such as PEMS, Inner Tribe, Self Mothering, and Sacred Union work, etc.
  • Teaching Time: I can teach you individually anything that you’d like deeper instruction in, such as PEMS material, dowsing, Sacred Union material, Aquarian dynamics, etc.
  • Nature Time: outdoor hiking and exploration, connecting with the land and incredible southwest Nature intelligence

The idea with a privately facilitated Vision Quest/Retreat is that YOU get to determine what we do, and it is custom-fitted to your needs, including in the moment.   Pricing is per individual retreat.

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