Aquarian Gospels

Aquarian Gospels

The Aquarian Gospels is a curriculum developed by Licia and Peter Berry in their odyssey between 2003-present.  The Berrys left mainstream culture and took their children on an adventure, a kind of spiritual odyssey, to reclaim love as their center.  The relationship in their family changed to one of shared power, respect, and love of a higher nature.  Along the way, they learned their love was a new paradigm that could be shared with others. They experience equality and deep, abiding unconditional love, and sharing of respect as a result of this collection of wisdom.

Peter and Licia provide many services in their effort to bring more love and consciousness to the world.  During their 7-year odyssey with their children, they were guided to learn new ways of being with one another, including how we handle power, anchoring the Aquarian Dynamic in their marriage and in their family.

Are you looking for more love in your life?

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

We are taught some pretty strange things about love….that it is scary, that we lose ourselves, that we have to control it, that it looks like something on TV and movies, or even that true love doesn’t exist except in fairy tales.  But Licia and Peter can tell you….they are evidence that walking through the fear and surrendering to the heart changes your life.   There is a higher expression of love that is REAL.

It is this higher love that created the container for the amazing healing adventures to occur for Licia and Peter.  It’s been nothing short of alchemy.  Learn about the choices that led Licia and Peter to one another, the choices that created the container for them to heal, and the choices that kept them together when cultural conditioning threatened to drive them apart.

E-courses and Teleclasses

 Faces of Her – Exploring the Sacred Feminine eCourse It’s time to embrace and embody the wise woman within.  This eCourse inspires, educates, and guides you to get connected with your heart, allowing the sacred feminine to lead in who you are and all you do. Over the course of 3 sessions, we will explore: The Light/Solar Mother &… Continue Reading

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