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Classically trained with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, my art is inspired by traditions in mysticism and indigenous culture, as well as the Sacred Feminine. I have utilized the visual image as a way of making maps of my own inner healing process.

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As an author on themes of women’s issues, resilience, consciousness, divinity, and creative approaches to a balanced, grounded and inspired life, Licia Berry’s words have impacted seekers around the globe; to quote one reader, “Licia is an intuitive and eloquent articulator of the flow of consciousness.”

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A 25+ year veteran speaker in the creative, sacred and transformative arts, Licia has facilitated self-discovery and insight workshops, teleclasses, as well as led retreats nationwide. Licia has a deep and abiding love and passion for integrative traditions.

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Sandra Ingerman, author of “Soul Retrieval” and “Medicine for the Earth”

Licia Berry wrote a courageous and beautifully written story of how she found her inner light after experiencing the darkness of abuse. Soul Compost is an inspirational book!

My professional experience includes 25 years in education and training, with keen interests in psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, fine art and learning styles.  My search has been to find a way to explain mystical experience through logical language. Through a grounded, practical and even scientific approach, I bring left brain language to right brain experiences (such as mystical experience).

We have the answers to our problems, questions and issues within us, but we have learned primarily to think with our left brains, accessing only HALF of our wisdom.

I have also been a very keen observer of human behavior; this has made me an expert in spotting where folks are out of balance.  Having had a difficult time as a child, I reached out in many ways to learn about myself and heal the parts of me that were wounded.  This has made me wise to the ways of healing and the process of integrating our “inner tribe”.

My life, as well as my work in the world, is firmly centered in wholeness and balance.  The union of our inner feminine and masculine, or yin/yang, is accessed and our true power expressed through this attention to balance.  My interest in wholeness arises from my experience, which shows me that integrating all aspects of ourselves is the kind, compassionate course to an actualized, joyous life.

The Berry Family
Berrys in SLO, 2008 photo by Lori Steed of EssenceCaptured.com

In 2003, my husband and 2 children realized we were off-course and headed toward a place we didn’t want to go.  We sold everything and hit the road in a used RV, a true odyssey of spirit.  7 years later, we are settled in northern Florida…where, I am happy to say, we plan to stay awhile.

This adventure utterly transformed my life.  It was a deep healing vision quest that was a true initiation for us.  The safe container of my family’s love for one another provided the intense alchemical cauldron needed for our transformation.  We had no idea how much we would learn about our family, or how much we would grow individually.

Through my personal transformation, I was able to re-learn how to be in partnership with the immense beings that my children are, and to come into greater union with my beloved.  I have also come through into my true power as a woman and embodied spirit on earth.

I feel so blessed to have taken the time to be with my husband and sons in such a present, sustained way for those years.  I’m writing a book now about our experiences and the learning that has taken place.

To learn more about our journey, click www.berrytrip.us .

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